La Pecera

© 2001

It is centered around an aquarium with living, swimming fish. I have built a system that uses these fish as an analogue input to a digital system. Their movements within the aquarium determine both visual and acoustic responses, which are broadcast in the vicinity of the tank. Over time, the system slowly mutates its output, creating different atmospheres generated by the changing sounds and images.

Through this, an environment is created, where the public can see the natural movement of the fish and hear the musical notes produced by my digital translation of those analogue movements.

It is like having a painting and a musical environment, which varies constantly, depending on the movement of the fish.


Exhibited @:

Galeria H2O, Barcelona-Spain 15 Mar - 9 Apr 2005

Galeria Rosa Santos, club privado, Valencia-Spain 13 May - 13 Nov 2004

Galerie P, Brussels-Belgium 7 Mar - 13 Apr 2002

MDS Gallery, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-Japan 10 Oct - 10 Nov 2001 (Issey Miyake gallery)

Royal College of Art, London-UK Jun 2001

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